Jody Pou

Jody Pou, multidisciplinary artist.

Jody is the author of Will and I thought j’irais en Bloom, two experimental books of prose and poetry mixed.

She has sung Ligeti as a soloist at the Paris Opera, and has received prizes in several international competitions. She has worked with numerous ensembles throughout Europe and the US in a career that has taken her across the musical spectrum from Baroque to Modern music.

Jody studied at the Paris Conservatory and holds two first prizes in Lyric and Baroque singing.

In 2009, Les Petits Matins, Paris, published her first book, Will.

In 2014, her second book, I thought j’irais en Bloom, was published by le Bleu du Ciel, Bordeaux, supported by funding from the French National Book Center.

Jody writes in French and English within the same sentence, mixing the two.

In 2007, Jody created the netlabel, Shsk’h¬†with composer, Igor Ballereau in New York City. It includes Igor’s compositions, pieces commissioned by Jody and Igor from artists such Garth Knox and Kenneth Kirschner, as well as Webern’s integral piano with voice opuses; Jody, voice; Emily Manzo, piano. In 2014, it was here that she released the album Made in Blue of Baroque songs and Jazz standards, mixed.

In 2014, autodidactic, she began painting.

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In 2017, Jody co-founded the start-up WORK with Ethan Segal and Alex Ledsom. Details and contacts can be found here: investinwork

In 2020, again autodidactically, learned to sculpt and throw on the wheel. Her studio, Atelier Apex, can be followed on instagram @atelier_apex.

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